Northern Campaign of 1777
British Forces Military Organization


Ordre de Battaille der Armee unter General Lieutenant John Bourgoyne in Albany im Jahr 1777
pen, ink, and watercolor table by Lieutenant August Wilhelm Du Roi (d. 1814)
Library of Congress



This section consists of transcripts, personnel enumerations, and military organizational studies of the 1777 Canada Army commanded by General Sir Guy Carleton (commander-in-chief and Governor of the Province of Québec, Territories depending thereon, and the Frontiers) and the 1777 Army from Canada (commanded by Lieutenant-General John Burgoyne).

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PDF: His Majesty's General Hospital attending the Army from Canada commanded by Lieutenant-General John Burgoyne, 1777.

His Majesty's General Hospital was the military medical organization which had the final say in a department and army's medical matters. Consisting of a select hierarchy of physicians, surgeons, purveyors, apothecaries, hospital mates, supernumerary hospital mates, and other staff, the Hospital had authority over regimental surgeons and mates and often dispatched personnel to fill the medical needs of corps lacking surgeons. Located in a series of houses and / or marquees at the rear of a campaigning army, the hospital was where the worst-case wounded, injured, and sick officers and men were housed and cared for.