Arthr. Blackall Lt. 62nd Grendrs, his signature from a regimental paylist dated Verchères, Québec, 25 February 1777


Nationality: English
Born: ca.1747
Regimental commission dates:
Ensign, 19 December 1768
Lieutenant, 20 October 1774
Captain-Lieutenant, 18 March 1782
Adjutant, 6 April 1782
Captain, 30 October 1782
Captured: Saratoga, New York, 17 October 1777 (Convention Army)
Exchanged into another regiment: 31 May 1787 (with Captain Trevor Hull, half-pay, late 99th Regiment)
Died: unknown


Arthur Blackall served His Majesty King George III for almost 20 years in the 62nd Regiment of Foot. Blackall was for years the senior lieutenant in Captain John Shrimpton's grenadier company, in which service he fought in the Battle of Hubbardton (7 July 1777) and both Battles of Saratoga (19 September and 7 October 1777). He survived unscathed, but was forced to surrender with the rest of Burgoyne's army at Saratoga on 17 October 1777.

Blackall remained with the main body of the officer corps during the period of the regiment's captivity, was eventually exchanged, and entered the City of New York on 24 December 1780 as a free man. After the repatriation of the regiment in 1781, Blackall was placed on leave, but returned to service with the grenadier company by March of 1782, only to be promoted to the captain-lieutenancy by the end of the month. Blackall quickly added the position of regimental adjutant to his duties, but upon his subsequent promotion to Captain only months later, he immediately resigned that post.