Officers of the 62nd Regiment of Foot during
the period of the Northern Campaign of 1777

Battalion company officer, 62nd Regiment of Foot, ca.1780
artist unknown
private collection


* Signifies an officer who actually served with the regiment in
Lieutenant-General John Burgoyne's Army from Canada
during the Northern Campaign of 1777



Major-General Valentine Jones, Colonel of the Regiment
*Lieutenant-Colonel John Anstruther
*Major Henry Harnage

Chaplain the Reverend Henry St. George
*Deputy Chaplain the Reverend Charles Mongan
*Adjutant George Tobias Fitzerald
*Lieutenant and Quarter-Master Gonville Bromhead
*Surgeon Alexander Moodie
*Surgeon's Mate Joseph Alder

*Captain George Marlay
*Captain Erle Hawker
*Captain Alexander Campbell (light infantry)
*Captain John Shrimpton (grenadier)
Captain John Nash
*Captain Abraham Bunbury
*Captain William Sotheron
Captain Richard Baily
Captain William Hall

*Captain-Lieutenant Henry Harrington

*Lieutenant Thomas Reynell
*Lieutenant George Preston Vallancey (light infantry)
*Lieutenant John Jones (light infantry)
*Lieutenant Arthur Blackall (grenadier)
*Lieutenant William Cumberland Wilkinson
*Lieutenant Conolly Coane (grenadier)
*Lieutenant Stephen Harvey
*Lieutenant Archibald Stuart
Lieutenant Joshua Wilcocks
*Lieutenant Gonville Bromhead
*Lieutenant William Pendred Naylor
*Lieutenant Lowther Matthews
Lieutenant William Wybrants

Ensign Alexander Hay
*Ensign Richard James
*Ensign Henry Blacker
Ensign Hibbert Newton
*Ensign George Taylor
Ensign William Foxlow
*Ensign George Hewey
*Ensign Henry Young
*Ensign Louis Joseph, Chevalier D'anterroches
*Ensign Levinge Cosby Phillips
Ensign Samuel Pack
Ensign Neptune Blood

Men commissioned to the rank of ensign during the
Northern Campaign of 1777
due to officer battlefield deaths

*Volunteer Jonas Parker
*Serjeant-Major James Green
Philip John Anstruther
*Volunteer Lancelot Weir
*Volunteer George Williams
*Volunteer St. Leger Bevill