R James Ens., his signature from a regimental paylist dated Pointe-Lévy, Québec, 28 January 1777


Nationality: Irish
Born: ca.1756
Regimental commission dates:
Ensign, 21 December 1775
Lieutenant, 20 September 1777
Captain-Lieutenant, 25 June 1789
Captain, 6 June 1792
Captured: Saratoga, New York, 17 October 1777 (Convention Army)
Died: unknown


Richard James was a long service regimental officer, rising from the rank of ensign to captain, and perhaps beyond. James served with his regiment during the entirety of the Northern Campaign of 1777, including fighting in the Battle of Freeman's Farm (19 September), surviving unscathed. He was given a free promotion the day after the battle following the death of Lieutenant Thomas Reynell. James surrendered with the rest of Lieutenant-General John Burgoyne's army at Saratoga on 17 October 1777. He remained in captivity with his regiment during much of the rest of the war. In August 1781 he was returned as the lieutenant in Captain Henry Harrington's battalion company, listed as “on his way to join from America.” He rejoined the regiment by March 1782.

A letter written by Captain James Battersby (29th Regiment) to Lieutenant Daniel Gwynne (9th Regiment), dated St Martin's Lane, 11 April 1782, was crafted in order to bring the later up to date on the latest gossip, which included that "James of the 62nd is [now] married but got no money...," but the circumstances of his family, marriage, and further service history are presently unknown.